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For new clients with one big question on their minds, I offer a special Thoughtful Beginnings Package for a flat fee of $495. This non-holistic, introductory package is limited to addressing only your most pressing financial planning concern or goal (e.g. retirement savings, college savings, debt repayment, insurance needs, budgeting, optimizing employer benefits, saving up for a large purchase or vacation). It includes:

  •  A basic, simplified analysis of your chief concern or goal
  • A 45-90 minute meeting  (in person or virtual) to deliver and discuss recommendations about how to proceed
  • A recommended investment allocation (by asset class categories only) for accounts related to your goal (e.g. 401(k), 403(b), TSP, 457, IRA, etc.), if applicable 
  • An email summarizing the meeting and recommendations
  • One follow-up email

Thoughtful Beginnings, like hourly planning, is a great fit for do-it-yourselfers who would like a professional opinion on or help with just a small piece of the puzzle. It's also a great fit of those who are new to financial planning and want to get a feel for how financial planning can help them before undertaking more broad-ranging planning.

If you decide to upgrade from Thoughtful Beginnings to Thoughtful Perspectives within 9 months, your $495 Thoughtful Beginnings Package fee will be credited toward your upfront fee for that service.



Life is an ongoing process and so is effective financial planning.  My core service is holistic, broad-ranging and ongoing financial planning and coaching. This service includes, at a minimum, the following:

  • An initial meeting (in person or virtual) – up to two hours
  • An annual analysis/reanalysis of your multiple goals and concerns
  • A follow-up meeting to deliver and discuss initial recommendations – up to 90 minutes
  • Annual written financial planning recommendations (paper and/or electronic)
  • A follow-up meeting approximately every 6 months to check on progress and adjust recommendations as life, financial or otherwise, continues to evolve – up to 60 minutes
  • Regular accountability check-in emails to help you stay on track, upon request
  • Ongoing access to me to help address questions affecting your financial life as they emerge

For these ongoing services, I charge an upfront fee of $715-$4,5o0 plus an ongoing monthly fee of $115-$450. 

The majority of my middle-income clients who don’t have unduly time-consuming and/or complex situations fall within or near the range of $1,000-$2,000 upfront and $130-$220 per month.

Your exact fee will be based upon how time-consuming and/or complex addressing your situation and goals is estimated to be. Fees will be agreed upon in advance.



For those who prefer an hourly billing approach and/or work of a more limited scope, my financial consulting services are also available at a rate of $215 per hour.


Many of us have great intentions about managing and rebalancing our investments but with everything else on our plates, we tend to fall short when it comes to actually doing it on a regular basis, with a consistent strategy.

This optional add-on service is for those of you who wish to go beyond basic investment allocation recommendations and have me actually manage and rebalance your investments in an ongoing manner.  This service is non-discretionary which means that I will never make trades without consulting you first.

To take this chore off your plate, I charge a fee equal to 1% of the assets managed per year (discounts available on assets exceeding $100,000).

Ongoing financial planning clients qualify for a substantial discount and pay only 0.6% per year for this service.

Investment management fees are separate from, and in addition to, any trading or transaction costs. These costs may vary and are generally paid by you directly to the institution where the assets are held.


For additional detail about our financial planning and investment management services please refer to my Form ADV and the Financial Planning and Consulting Agreement on my Disclosures/Forms page.